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  • Ryan Neltner

The Good Fight

“Sir, we can't hold them any longer, we have to pull back!”

“Dammit son, your predecessors fought hard for this and made it a cornerstone of everything we hold near and dear. It is sacred and if we allow it to be occupied, the whole damn thing will be an unrecognizable mess.”

“But, sir. This is their third assault! I think they really mean it this time.”

“They don’t know what they want, Private! They don’t realize that by leaving this area as is, open and free, that the very people they’re trying to help will have a significantly better chance of understanding their mission.”

“I don’t know sir. I mean, I think I see why they want it occupied. Why not let them have ALL the space? It’s not exactly like we disagree with their mission, right?”

“No, no we don’t, Private. As a matter of fact, I often feel like I believe in their mission even more than they do! And that’s why I’ll ALWAYS go down fighting for this white space. You see son, this clean, unspoiled stretch of real estate will help draw the people in, not turn ‘em away. They’re all so used to everything being so damn packed together now-a-days, that it all just becomes one vast expanse to them where they wander aimlessly, no destination, no plan and certainly no thought; just enjoying all the colors and shapes zipping around. But if we can keep this area free, there’s a chance - A CHANCE that some of them folks will stop. And once they stop, well, we win. For when they stop, they’ll wonder just why exactly they did. And as they wonder, they’ll look out over all this. And they’ll notice just how nice it feels, how balanced and easy to understand it is. It’ll speak to them, and they will listen and they’ll go forth and tell all their friends and family about what they saw. Connections will form, relationships will develop and before you know it we ALL win and the mission will be complete!”

“I think I understand now, sir! You’re saying that without this white-space, the advertisement we made will just get lost in the fold; passed by as just more noise in a world of everyone shouting “look at me.” That by not filling this 1080x1080 square edge to edge with information, we will actually elevate the brand, make it cleaner, make it stand out - make it successful?”

“Now, you’ve got it son! So, what say you? One last charge into the fray with your Creative Director?”

“Aye, sir. They won’t be taking our white-space today! Chaaaaaaarge!”

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